Held Design

The Research behind WTWO Design

WTWO Design has been an ongoing project for the last number of months and today the business cards landed on my desk. Delighted with them so I have decided to blog on the process.

WTWO is a lighting design consultancy so obviously first things first I began to research light and lighting. I played around with the colours involved in light, with the spectrum and finally with colour changing. I developed a logo the client was happy with as a base and then I began my experiments with light. I made a stencil of the logo, hung it up and messed around with light and shadow. Got some really interesting images out of it using RGB colour changing and this became the base idea.

I took my images above and began to try and graphically illustrate them and the results are below. My only problem was trying to print authentic RGB in a printers as they use CMYK colours, not sure if got around that fully but they still look good!

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